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Poly Water Tank Repairs.

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We specialise in poly water tank repairs. Cracks, splits, inverted lids, pierced centre supports or even when you've reversed the tractor into one, we can help.

ACT Plastic Repairs is a mobile plastic repair and welding service based in Canberra, servicing 360˚ of the surrounding NSW region with a 300kms+ radius.

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Poly Water Tank Repairs

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Poly Water Tanks Repairs

In order to repair poly (or plastic) water tanks we utilise plastic welding.

Plastic welding is unequivocally the best way to repair water tanks, bar none.

There are no glues available that actually work on polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(HDPE, LDPE; which are primarily used for tanks)
effectivly enough for this situation, due to the pressure involved and the sheer tenacity of water.

Plastic welding works very similarly to metal welding, and works to fuse the plastic together making a homogenoues weld which is capable of coping with the pressure involved. We also use a few other tricks to help further reinforce our welds to prevent future trouble, so you can go back to not thinking about your water tank.

It is more common than people realise for poly water tanks to split with time, generally 8-10 years, trouble can begin, especially if they have been sitting in the sun year in year out due to UV damage.

Being an expensive and difficult to replace asset, (also, who wants to spend $2000 - $5000 on a water tank) having it plastic welded professionally can get your tank back into working order at a fraction of the cost of replacement, disposal and refitting.

We are passionate about repairing poly/plastic water tanks as the last thing we want to see is it needlessly ending up in landfill, especially when a complete and durable repair is such an achievable outcome, and cheaper than the alternative which is to replace them.

Please get in touch with us to book a time to repair your water tank.

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