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ACT Plastic Repairs is a mobile plastic repair and welding service based in Canberra, servicing 360˚ of the surrounding NSW region with a 300kms+ radius.

Commercial and domestic clients welcome.

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About Us & Plastic Welding

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Performing plastic repairs requires plastic welding (wikipedia) which is an overlooked solution for damaged plastic items and it shouldn't be. It provides an economic alternative to replacement, disposal and re-fitting which saves time and reduces plastic waste.

Common items we repair, but not limited to, are: (see more):

Plastic welding is unequivocally the best way to repair plastic items as silcone and glues do not work on some plastic types and different plastics need differernt sorts of glues in order to be effective. Plastic welding has the benefit of fusing plastic back together using heat creating a homogenous, strong and durable weld. It works very similar to metal welding. When performing a plastic weld it is important to prepare the surface of the damaged item properly beforehand and to use the correct welding filament.

At ACT Plastic Repairs we demand precision in the pre-welding surface preperation of damage items to deliver the most effective weld. We source high quality plastic welding filaments and tools from leading plastic welding suppliers such as Forsthoff and Techspan enabling us to work with all major plastic types including PP, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PVC, PC, PA, ABS, PET, PS and PMMA.

Who Are We

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We are a Canberra based business which offers a mobile plastic repair service and plastic welding service 360˚ around Canberra and the surrounding NSW region for 300+ kilometres. Our goal is to provide you with down to earth information and service and an alternative to replacing expensive or difficult to replace plastic items and ultimately find the best win-win scenario.

Our Services

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  • Free quote and information
  • Mobile on-site repairs - We come to you
  • Occasionally in house repairs
    (reserved for bulk or difficult items)
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Plastic welding
  • Plastic alterations
  • Warranty repairs

Why Choose Repairs:

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  • Plastic repair saves time & money on the cost of replacement, disposal and re-fitting.
  • Our expertise comes to you for on-site plastic repairs.
  • Repairing multiple items together can be very economic for businesses and institutions.
  • End result is equally as strong and as durable as new.
  • Plastic welds can be tidied up ready for painting.
  • Some items can be hard (or annoying) to source and replace.
  • Plastic welding is viable and often overlooked
  • Diverse applications across all industries.
  • More than 90% of plastics can be welded successfully.
  • Enviromentally Friendly Solution.

Applications and Examples

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By no means is this an exhaustive list of applications; customers are always finding weird and interesting things for us to repair or alter. This list should give you a general idea of what is possible. If your item(s) isn't listed please get in contact with us via phone or submit the online quote form below and we will discuss the job with you.

Agricultural Plastic Repairs

Agricultural Poly Repairs

Automotive Plastic Repairs

Automotive Plastic repairs

  • Vehicle Bumpers
  • Truck Parts and Accessories
  • Poly Tub Ute Trays
  • Interior Plastics
  • Headlight Covers, Spoilers and Body Kits
  • Truck Tarpaulins
  • 4x4 Accessories
  • Caravans and Accessories
Commercial Plastic Repairs

Commercial poly repairs

Marine Plastic Repairs

Marine and Poly Boat Repairs

  • Boating Equipment
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Poly Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Cabin Interiors and Fittings
  • Fender Docks and Pontoons
  • Bait Boards, Bait Boxes, Seating and Trim
Recreational Plastic Repairs

Recreational Equipment Repairs

Domestic Plastic Repairs

Domestic Poly Repairs

  • Water Storage Tank Repairs
  • Poly Water Tank Repairs
  • Pool Skimmer Boxes
  • Pool Accesories
  • Greenhouse Parts
  • Gardening Products
  • Backpack Sprayers
  • Whitegoods / Fridge Parts
  • Wheelie Bins
  • Keep Sakes and Hard to Find Items

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